What is Intuitive Dieting?

Intuitive Dieting™ embraces both the principles of Intuitive Eating and the methods of Conventional Dieting.

The internet is full of advice and opinions when it comes to overweight people and the obesity epidemic in our western culture. There are the miracle pills and fad diets promising the holy grail of getting skinny in ten days as well as several body consciousness movements from Intuitive Eating to HAES that tell us to stop dieting, ditch the scales and accept body diversity and practice body awareness. The problem that I have always had with all of this information is that I could never quite decide which approach to take and just thinking about it all would paralyze me and make me reach for the next tub of Haagen Dazs! Until one day I thought: why not do both? Why not use the methods of dieting and the principles of Intuitive Eating? Intuitive Dieting™ may sounds like one big oxymoron but suddenly things began to make sense to me.

But diets don't work.

Here is a little exercise: go and google "diets don't work." Yep. Dieting has got itself a bad rep. And the statistics seem to support this - most dieters will regain more than they lost within five years. And I can of course attest to this myself as I have never managed to keep any of the weight off that I lost through dieting. So why would I even entertain the idea of making dieting a part of my program?

Because diets do work. What doesn't work is the all-or-nothing diet mentality and our resistance to examining and unlocking deeply rooted emotional patterns.

For me, a diet is a mechanism I use to help me control my portions so to create the calorie deficit I need to lose weight. It works. If I stick to it. Which of course is the mind-maze where everything tends to go wrong. I realized that diets would never work for me as long as I regarded them as this external miracle cure that would save me, i.e. as long as I was looking for the answers outside of myself. But what if I started searching for the answers within and used dieting as a structural support tool to get me going and to lean on when things got a little tough on the soul searching side of things?

Digging deep into the core of whatever it is that causes us to turn to food for comfort can be difficult and draining - and the resistance monster will rear its ugly head on a regular basis and try and send us straight back into the arms of Ben & Jerry.

That's when the diet-part of Intuitive Dieting becomes really important, the structure provided by this external piece of my program helps me immensely while I do the internal work.

How does Intuitive Eating fit in with this?

The concept of Intuitive Eating has been around for a few decades. I love the Intuitive Eating principles, such as listening to your body’s hunger cues, because they just make so much sense to me. Yet even with Intuitive Eating I used to approach it the same way as dieting, i.e. one moment I was eating intuitively and the next I would go on a binge and stop following the Intuitive Eating guidelines. I treated it as just another program that I was either on or off. Which, of course, is so not the point of Intuitive Eating.

So how does Intuitive Eating help me when I am already applying dieting methods to lose weight?

On its most basic level Intuitive Dieting means using dieting methods to control my portions and Intuitive Eating principles to determine what I eat and when.

I keep asking my body: Are you hungry, what do you want? Observing the guidelines of Intuitive Eating helps me understand the difference between my mind’s and my body’s hunger and I am learning to create more alignment between the two.

My body is infinitely wise. If it is overweight it does, for example, not want a lot of food. By deliberately watching my portions I train myself to be more in tune with my body's natural satiation messages and by keeping a line of inquiry open to my body I am learning what it really needs. When I am physically hungry, for instance, I use colors a lot and ask my body whether it feels like something fresh and green, or warming and red, or perhaps light and yellow.

So I am not just putting any food on the table that is within my plan but I am actively working with my body to give it the nutrition it wants.

And what does any of this have to do with falling in love with cooking ?

Despite coming from a family of wonderful chefs I have always been a reluctant cook. Often times it’s sheer apathy and resistance to putting in a bit of effort and not minding the planning, shopping and cleaning. I know people who find cooking relaxing after a long day at work, I am not one of them. But I wonder if I could be?

For me, cooking is all about taking action and being fully grounded in the present moment, neither of which is something that comes easily to me. But I know that this is one of the main keys to unraveling my years of overeating and numbing out: being more active while enjoying the moment and the sensual expression that is cooking and eating a delicious home cooked meal. As such cooking is a vital part of Intuitive Dieting.  

The Bottom Line

I’ve had a troubled relationship with food and comfort eating for most of my life, which has caused me to gain a lot of weight and to feel quite disconnected from my body. Using dieting methods helps me build the bridge back to my body while Intuitive Eating guidelines gently walk me across the bridge and back to myself.