My Story

I've been blogging on and off about weight loss since 2005 but my dieting history started all the way back to the 1970s when I went on my first diet at the age of 14. I didn't gain any significant weight until my late 30s though, when my lifestyle became increasingly sedentary and my food portions a lot bigger. Now in my mid 50s I carry almost 100lbs in excess weight. My story is universal and individual all at once. I eat too much and move too little, that’s what I have in common with millions of people around the globe. Why I do this is a combination of my own personal demons, lifestyle choices and infrastructure challenges. I have always been a comfort eater who uses food to soothe the anxieties that have been my companions for most of my life. Food makes me feel safe and as I get older that need for safety has only increased, which is not helping!



Intuitive Dieting

In 2015 I developed a concept I called Intuitive Dieting™ which embraces Intuitive Eating principles as well as conventional dieting methods. For the first time in my life I was able to stick to a program and lost almost 50lbs in six months. I thought I got it for sure this time. Alas, in November that year my mom passed away unexpectedly and I spent the next two years stuffing down my grief and heightened sense of life's fragility, and I regained every single pound. In October 2017 I finally reached my all-time lowest point physically and I could no longer ignore the affect of my weight on my health and general well-being. So I decided to reactivate my Intuitive Dieting™ program and take it one step at a time. Self-doubt (I don't believe that I can really do this) is probably my biggest challenge and that's something I will be actively working on. 


Why The Reluctant Cook?

Well, that's what I am! I'm not a bad cook actually but I often just don't feel like making the effort to cook or do anything related to cooking, like food shopping, planning and preparing meals. I have a lot of resistance around those things! I know in my heart that the key to a healthier lifestyle and weight loss is right here in my kitchen and therefore my desire is to fall in love with cooking

About Me

Born and raised in Cologne, Germany, I have lived in Canada, England and across the U.S. before finally settling down in beautiful Bellingham, WA. Here I share a cosy condo with my American husband and fluffy grey cat. Professionally I come from a diverse career spanning various industry sectors which eventually led me to running my own business as a Squarespace web designer and educator.

I soon realized that no journey takes one far, unless, as it extends into the world around us, it extends an equal distance into the world within.
— Lillian Smith